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  How to Grow Your Facebook Fans on Your Page  

Facebook has changed the way we grow our businesses. Your Facebook Business Page is a great way to bring together a targeted audience. Your goal is to grow your fans or ‘Likes,’ but remember you don’t just want anyone clicking the Like; you want to bring to your page those that have a genuine interest in your products/services.  While no Likes will be turned away, untargeted ones are not going to grow your business.  Here are some strategies to grow your Facebook fans on your Page

1. Using your Facebook Page as a place for your fans to gather is great, but you will want to make sure that your posts are interesting and engaging. Good posts will get your followers commenting and engaging each other, along with sharing these posts to non-followers, who in turn might find it interesting and ‘Like’ your Page.
2. Invite a couple of others on board as Admin of your Page. They can then suggest it to their friends and your reach can grow. In addition, having more than one administrator can offer different perspectives, which can help to keep the page interesting. It can also make responding to posts and comments more efficient. As your page grows, the more admins you should consider having. 
3. Encourage your visitors to post pictures on your wall, which will help your Facebook page to show up in the News Feed. Facebook users love pictures, so take advantage of them and encourage your followers to openly share their photos. 
4. Inspirational images are well received. In fact, they are one of the most popular shares on Facebook so make sure to include them on your Facebook Page. 
5. If you have a Brick & Mortar business, you can use your print media to encourage ‘Likes’ for special deals and discounts. You can also take advantage of Facebook Offers. 
6. If you have a large email list, you can suggest to those on your list to ‘Like’ your Facebook Page. You might also tell your Twitter followers to come over and ‘Like’ your page. 
7. Take advantage of Facebook Ads, which are easy to set up and very affordable. It’s a great way to target your traffic and bring in more ‘Likes.’

These five simple things can help you to grow your Facebook Page. Get ready to enjoy more likes and fans and to build your business.

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